2007 SAL Plans

A and I have put into motion our 2007 stitch-a-long plans, NO WAY set in stone, and will probably be subjected to many, many changes as the days go by.

#1. Dimensions' "Regal Tiger". We are only allowed to start this AFTER we've finished 2 pages of our girls, Meta and Motherhood. EK has been trying to talk me into a Jan. 1 start with the Coven, and I think if A and I are really good, we'd be able to get things done. I have 2 Christmas gifts to finish, hopefully by the end of the week, and then it's Meta all the way. Well, for 2 pages at least. Mwa-hahahaha.

2. Per Segno Per Filo's Vis-a-vis and Nappe. A will be stitching Nappe for me, colors etc a surprise, and I will be stitching Vis for her, same goes for the color. These were supposed to be our gifts to each other this Christmas. But since we're still young and in our prime, we thought we'd live a little and make them NEXT year's Christmas gifts instead. HAHAHA. We're planning on stitching these in conjunction with Regal Tiger and our gals, cos we're thinking these shouldn't take us too long to stitch up. Famous last words.

3. We're also planning on stitching flowers for our moms: A is planning on doing Tulip Trio and I will be doing Floral Retreat.

4. Depending on A, we will also either start on Caron Vinson's Gothic Fairy Attitude for me and Glam Gothic Fairy for her; OR Eye of the Tiger for me and for A.

According to A, we also have to start on Taj Mahal by the end of next year. Also, out of the blue, she yelled "MIRA!!!!" The girl is scaring me.... OH, and today I get an email from her with the subject "Evil on its way". That's what she's calling the package she's mailing me. I shudder at the mere thought. Oh yes, however could I forget the 3 Sara Butcher charts she gifted me with?

I can almost hear the Bandits cackling in glee in anticipation of all these starts. But mark my words, A and I are planning on working on these one or two at a time so that we'll have a slew of finishes.

Well, you know what they say about well-laid plans. ;)


Anonymous said…
That tiger is lovely!
Kip said…
ooh Taj Mahal, I hope you stitch it a bit quicker than me!!!

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