There is a change of plans in the jewelry pressies I'm making.... sigh.

Finished making this set last night for my MIL but I'm not quite sure if it's her style. So hmmm #1.

Then I brought it in to show Peggy, and she was oohing and aahing over it and put it on and then said that gold is SO not her color. Hmmm #2, cos well, the set I made her for Christmas is umm... gold! (look for the picture a few posts down) Although, in mulling it over, the bracelet is really more my MIL's style... so this is what I'm thinking....

Keep the bracelet from Peggy's set and either a. break apart the necklace to make earrings or b. keep the necklace and get more czech glass to make earrings to go with it.

Now for Peggy, if I go there, I'll have to make her a new set or something with silver. (sorry, thinking out loud here)

Been thinking about making just earrings as Christmas gifts for my friends here at work... just a small token, cos it doesn't take up hardly any time and are quite cost effective.

On the stitching front, well, nothing's happenin' over there. Keep telling myself I need to get cracking to get the Tiger out in time for Christmas. Where is that whip icon from the forum when I need it. ;)


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
I like the bracelet, it looks sooo FUN to wear. Imagine a gold sleeveless night gown with that bracelet.... yummy...
Kip said…
get the tiger done, no more beading till you have whip whip! :oP
Anonymous said…
beautiful set, J!
Oh yeah, and get back to tiger!! *whip whip*
CraftyPretender said…
Imagine being naked and only wearing that bracelet!!!!

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