I've been neglecting my stitching lately. Not quite sure what it is that's been holding me back from sitting down and working on them.

Been reading. The paperback version of Laurell K. Hamilton's A Stroke of Midnight was finally released.. finished that in a day. Now I'm waiting for the library's call to go pick up Mistral's Kiss. I've also put holds on Christine Feehan's Dark Celebration and J.D. Robb's Born in Death.

Been messing around on the blogs again, the fortunate, or unfortunate, recipient being the ET's blog. A and I like strong colors and I thought the old white and gray theme was a little cold. So, with Dark Lilac and our love of red in mind, I revamped the page, and threw in some yellow gold for prosperity.

I've made up for the crafting end of things by making jewelry over the last few days, mostly for my mother-in-law, but I'm missing stitching. Goodness knows I think and talk about it enough. What isn't making sense to me is that whilst I miss it, I just can't gather up the energy to do it. Does that make sense?

Maybe I need to just sit my butt down and make myself do it, but oftentimes when this kinda mood hits, every single stitch is an ordeal... and where is the fun in that?

Sean and Dee are coming over this Saturday to stitch though, so maybe that will pull me out of my rut. A girl can hope.


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
I know why!!!
Because whipping your stitching slaves around is extremely more fun than stitching itself ROFL.

I know your stitching slump will pass as soon as your anal attitude takes over...

Enjoy your reading period!!!
We all go through those slumps. Been there done that!

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