Disney's Magic, or Lack Thereof

Since the in-laws are here for the annual visit, we made plans to go to Disneyworld for the day, the main event being to see La Nouba.

We decided to hit Epcot during the day and had high expectations from our last visit there 10 years ago, and I'm very sad to report that, for us, Disney has lost its magic. The popular rides had a 2 hour long wait, the other rides felt really dated, and the worlds turned out to be a glorified shopping trip that catered to the tourists' mentality to compulsive buy.

Perhaps we're more jaded now and, at 10 years older, have lost the patience to deal with the long lines and massive amount of people to the ring-ding of $65++ per ticket.

La Nouba, on the other hand, was spectacular, much better than when we saw it 2 years ago. We had great seats, about 8 rows from the staget, and we could see all of the performers' expressions, which adds SO much to the show.

All in all, it was a decent day, dinner at Wolfgang Puck's being another highlight. But, I very much doubt we'll be heading back to Disney any time in the future.

Discovery Cove beckons.


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