Farewell 2006

I can't believe that we'll be saying goodbye to another year.

I remember when Y2K threatened the collapse of the technological world as we know it and news of virus and computer shut-downs ran rampant. Now here we are, at the brink of 2007, and the year 2010 being so close in the horizon that we can almost taste it.

On a smaller, more personal scale, 2006 has been a good year for me.

Old friendships were rediscovered and new ones made. I lost my grandma, but I know she's in God's loving embrace. My whole family was in a horrible accident, but by the grace of God, they are fine. My nephew, Ryan, turned 2 at the end of September and I haven't seen him face to face. Living on the opposite side of the world really sucks.

I started working full-time in addition to teaching and finally after years of struggle and schooling, Satish and I are finally making enough money to live comfortably whilst having enough to start putting away for a rainy day. We're on the D.I.N.K. (double income, no kids) track and enjoying it tremendously. It's a great feeling not having to worry about money when we want to buy something or spend money on our parents.

A continues to be my partner in crime, spurring me on to bigger and better things, opening me up to new stitching (and other *wink*) possibilities. We have the ability to make each other laugh no matter how bad a day we've been having, and I am truly blessed to have her. May 2007 bring us more elaborate plan-fests and harem-drooling sessions, among other things.

My fellow Bandits: it's amazing to me that we've only met in 2006, cos it seems that I've known them all my life. I've come to expect and look forward to Sean's and my monthly stitch-and-bitch fest, and a day doesn't feel complete if EK, Novi, and I don't get to chat on Yahoo.

Ai Lin caught the beading bug and passed it on, and whilst I now have yet another hobby to slot into my limited free time, it's been so much fun hanging out. It's so weird how we both ended up living 20 minutes away from each other in a foreign land, but I count my blessing every day for this.

Alex and I are back on talking, sharing, and laughing terms... another counted blessing. Even though he DID forget my birthday and my Christmas presents were late! (Yup, he's going to be feeling these jabs and hearing about them for a long, long, LONG time. Mwa-hahahaha)

I found Crafty Coven, a precious, precious group of friends, where we have the freedom to express our individualities and enjoy each other's company and support, in ADDITION to cheering and egging each other on for stashing purposes.

Farewell 2006. Thank you for the memories.


CraftyPretender said…
Thank you for being my life, honey! (even if you nag me about finishing hahaha) You've made it so much richer

Hugs and XOXOXOX -- EK

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