Inquiring Minds Want To Know

It started out with Peggy and I discussing New Year's Eve plans. This led to my mentioning that I'd like to have a get together on Jan. 6th of the new year, with an invite to her, of course. She tells me that she might not be able to make it cos a dear friend of hers is throwing a birthday party for his friend and she's been invited. He's some art dealer and a millionaire... whooooo wheeeeeee! Then she tells me with that his whole body is covered up with tattoos.

Now, before I proceed, please keep in mind that I'm very tired, and my allergies have been killing me, and I'm in one of my looney moods.

P: His WHOLE body is covered up in tattoos!!! (her face as she says this is priceless!!!)

J: Like... EVERYTHING?!? (*jaw drops*)

P: *laughs* Yeah, his WHOLE BODY.

J: So like.... I wonder if his.... peepee is tattooed too....

P: Well, I don't know....

J: Huh... I wonder if they'd had to tattoo it while it was erect or.....

P: *loud laugh*

J: *thinks* .... and would they have to pry open his butt cheeks to *makes tattooing motions*

P: *hysterically laughing*

J: I think I'm going to have to blog this.....


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
After read this story, I remember my high school joke:

A man peeing at the toilet and look to the peepee of the guy stand next to him and he saw a tatoo Aam on it. And he keep on wondering what that means. Then he can't stand it and ask the guy what that tatoo means. And the guy say oh it's his name Abraham.. when it's erect...

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