I've Been RAK'ed

What did I find in my mailbox yesterday but Caron Vinson's Gothic Fairy Attitude from sweet, sweet Sonya. THANK YOU, SONYA!!!! ^.^

I've always loved this, and A and I have this thing going that we'll have to stitch a couple of Vinsons, the other being Glam Gothic Fairy on the occasion of what's still her secret to tell.

*zips mouth and throws away the key*

If I had my way, although it had absolutely NOTHING to do with me, we'd be stitching these Vinsons in celebration. It remains to be seen, though I've made noises about cutting these charts down to smaller sizes to include the heads and shoulders only.

**RAK = Random Act of Kindness


Anonymous said…
Oooo...I love both of those patterns! They remind me of Amy Brown's fairies! I can't wait til you and A start to stitch them! Be sure and post lots of piccies!

Hugs, Nikki
Anonymous said…
Oh wow! you must have been a very good girl!

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