Racking 'em Up

It's official. I finished my sis-in-law's gift today. Had to shorten length of the danglies on the earrings cos my brother said that she didn't wear earrings that dangle down too long.

Ai Lin came over today, and we were working on a Christmas stocking for my grandmother. She's done most of the work, but wanted me to daisy stitch "grandma" on it and do some other embroidery stuff on it. It's about half done, so it should be ok to send it out to grandma in time for Christmas.

Started on a bracelet for my mother-in-law, but I think I have to play around with this particular one. It's a cluster bracelet, and I was a little sparse on the clusters to start off with, cos I didn't want for it to look too gaudy, but now it's looking kinda empty. :S

Sean and I got our secret project all ready to be sent out tomorrow. YIPPEEE!!!! Hope the recipients will enjoy them. ^.^


Anonymous said…
What a GORGEOUS set!
You're SIL is going to LOVE them, I'm sure!
You are sooooo talented, J!

Hugs, Nikki

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