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A New Project?

Kim offered to give this Weeping Violets Sampler from Sweetheart Tree to a good home, and I totally fell in love with it. I love the soft purples and greens in it and it even had beads that I can play around with. THANKS KIM!!! *hugs* Now, this broaches the topic of the 'sampler.' EK has been trying to get me interested in stitching these for the last couple of months now. The girl is addicted to them!! So much so that I've threatened her with no more sampler viewings on the occasion that she didn't do something... I forget what it is now. I realize, as I'm writing this, that my forgetfulness would render the threat useless. LOL! Back to the topic of the sampler... I can't understand the involvement of the alphabet in them. A and I had a long chat about this, and we decided that since we know our ABCs, stitching them is quite redundant and boring. Now, EK and Novi insisted that the sampler was used in the olden days for the gentlewomen to learn their alphab

An Update, Finally!

Thought my stitchy muse had left me high and dry for a while there. But she's back, with a vengeance, and about damn time!! Missing stitching and not wanting to do it is hell! Anyhooo, here is an update on Vis-a-vis that I'm stitching for A. I had the hardest time stitching it in the hoop and HATED not being able to stitch two-handed. Since I didn't wanna spend money getting a lap stand, Satish rigged up a holder for me using piano wire and an extra scroll rod and my trusty frame, which made me a happy puppy indeed!! :D If all goes well, the next update will be Meta in a few days. *fingers crossed*

The Solution

A quick update on the situation with the in-laws.... They went back to Oklahoma on the 24th, and had a talk with the sil and her husband the same night. I guess it went ok in terms of the money part, she agreed to give them a monthly allowance, but they will continue to stay there instead of moving here. They'll have more freedom in terms of my mil not having to cook for everyone, but they'll still help out with picking the kids up from school. When I talked to them right after that, they didn't sound to happy but both said that this is the best solution for the time being. Today's conversation with my mil found her sounding much happier, which I'm glad for. Was a little worried about them, but it all seems to be working out better now. Funny thing, whenever I cook, it reminds me of her cos she redid my pantry and cabinets, and put everything neat and tidy into plastic containers and the like. ^.^

The Puppy in Me

EeKoon wanted me to do this, so here it is. It's very me, but did it have to be a beagle??? *whine* Hehehe, Michelle, yellow isn't my color, and beagles are not my favorite dogs. Bad experience... I'm such a whiner these days. You Are a Beagle Puppy Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky. And you're sense of smell is absolutely amazing! What Breed of Puppy Are You?

My Element

Saw this on Sean's blog, and since I'm sitting here really bored, figured I'd take the quiz too. Why oh why oh why does my power color have to be yellow? Like seriously..... YELLOW?????! Your Element is Earth Your power color: yellow Your energy: balancing Your season: changing of seasons Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends. You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems. Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones. Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful. What Element Are You?

Mailart Finish

It's finally done with a few days to spare. The great thing about my mil being here is having another woman's viewpoint in my crafting. She gave me some really nice ideas which were incorporated in the finish. ^.^ I can't post any pictures yet because this is a surprise for a certain someone, and I don't want to spoil it, in case she reads this blog. The main challenge now is getting to the post office on Monday. Those of you who know me well knows how big of an impossibility this could be. For those who doesn't have any idea about how bad I am at this, my nephew's birthday was on September 30th. His gifts were boughtm, boxed and ready to go in the beginning of January. It's still sitting under my breakfast bar!! Ai Lin will be taking it home with her in early Feb, cos accoring to her, it'll get there faster that way. And she's right. *thumps head*

The Last Week

**WARNING: THIS IS VERY LONG** It's been quite stressful around here over the last week with stuff happening with Satish's side of the family. My in-laws have been visiting over the last few weeks, and are having a grand ol' time. They're really easy to get along with, are very low maintenance. They came for their annual visit in December. I've been trying to get them to visit twice a year, but they've always felt that they're needed there more to help out, which I can totally understand, so they come for about 5-6 weeks every year to spend time with us. Their daughter moved them here a couple of years ago, mostly to help her out with her 2 kids, and also cos their country wasn't too stable. She has a piece of land that's 5 acres, and built them a cottage a little ways from the house. It worked really well for everyone, my in-laws took care of the grandkids, picked them up from school, did their homework with them, my mil would make dinner and gene

A Thank You Note

This is going to be a different sorta post... You guys are the BESTEST!!! Thanks for all the encouragement on the mailart thingy. I'm trying to be very good about it. Got the address part of it done and half of the back design stitched. Went to JoAnn's afterwork yesterday and picked up the backing material (which was 75% off... yippee!!!!) and some decoration stuff, so that's all good to go for stitching, hopefully scheduled for tomorrow. Yes, Kim, we can do it. *fingers cross... breeeeeeathe* Nikki.... ROFL, you called it about EK. The girl sure can stitch when she's threatened. ;)

Mailart Project

I've had months now to work on my mailart. It started out with looking through gorgeous stitching album . Next thing I know I was intrigued with the whole idea, so when Bonnie suggest a mailart SAL on the Crafty Coven , naturally I was all over it. That.... was at least 2 months ago. Today, I mentioned on the forum that I'm going to work on my mailart tonight and nothing else, Wanda actually asked if that would be working on it or starting it. *gasp* (She's such a mom I swear. They can smell guilt a thousand miles away!) Now, let me see if I can get the brevity of my situation across. I have to send out this thing by Jan. 15th!!!!! EGADS! I'm a pretty fast stitching, and granted, it's going to be a pretty quick stitch, but golly gee whiz, I still have to sew the thing together. Ok, ok.... *deep, calming breaths* I'm freaking myself out here. It can be done, sure it can. Mmm-hmm... I'll keep telling myself that and that'll be that!! Power of positive

New Start

A and I are starting early on our Christmas gifts this year. Ok... we started them towards the end of December, and ok... it's only our Christmas gifts for each other. But other's shouldn't feel left out, cos well umm... you might have something coming your way too. Cos really, it's only January, and December is oh, so far away! :D (Watch me scramble in November like I did last year, but let's talk about happier things *wink*) I don't think A reads this blog, so I think I'm safe if I post the latest piccie for Vis-a-vis . The reason I say that is cos apart from her knowing which pattern I'm working on, the fabric and floss color/s are a surprise. Although, I have to admit, I'm kinda stressing out here cos I'm afraid that she'll hate the colors and I told her as much yesterday to the effect of "Ok, I'm not colorblind and I don't have bad taste!!" LOL!! Everyone I've shown it to loves it... so dear readers, it's your t