Mailart Finish

It's finally done with a few days to spare. The great thing about my mil being here is having another woman's viewpoint in my crafting. She gave me some really nice ideas which were incorporated in the finish. ^.^

I can't post any pictures yet because this is a surprise for a certain someone, and I don't want to spoil it, in case she reads this blog.

The main challenge now is getting to the post office on Monday. Those of you who know me well knows how big of an impossibility this could be. For those who doesn't have any idea about how bad I am at this, my nephew's birthday was on September 30th. His gifts were boughtm, boxed and ready to go in the beginning of January. It's still sitting under my breakfast bar!! Ai Lin will be taking it home with her in early Feb, cos accoring to her, it'll get there faster that way. And she's right. *thumps head*


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
Congratulations!!!! It must be beautiful.

I understand what you mean about another woman point of view, I used to stitch next to my grandmother, not that I will follow her suggestions :-) but sometimes between her sleeps she can provide great ideas LOL
sugardoll said…
aww Joyce, you gotta show..unless it is a surprise for me of course *wink* *wink*

What is it for if i may ask? I have no idea what mail-art is...*clueless* LOL

Take care!

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