Mailart Project

I've had months now to work on my mailart. It started out with looking through gorgeous stitching album. Next thing I know I was intrigued with the whole idea, so when Bonnie suggest a mailart SAL on the Crafty Coven, naturally I was all over it.

That.... was at least 2 months ago. Today, I mentioned on the forum that I'm going to work on my mailart tonight and nothing else, Wanda actually asked if that would be working on it or starting it. *gasp* (She's such a mom I swear. They can smell guilt a thousand miles away!)

Now, let me see if I can get the brevity of my situation across. I have to send out this thing by Jan. 15th!!!!! EGADS! I'm a pretty fast stitching, and granted, it's going to be a pretty quick stitch, but golly gee whiz, I still have to sew the thing together.

Ok, ok.... *deep, calming breaths* I'm freaking myself out here. It can be done, sure it can. Mmm-hmm... I'll keep telling myself that and that'll be that!! Power of positive thinking and all that jazz.

Oh yes... I have to remember to be stitching while telling myself that! Damn, almost forgot that minor detail....


Come on, you can do it! i will be sending those positive thoughts and you WILL do it!
bells said…
If anyone can pull this off, it's you Joyce! (or maybe Eek when new starts are at stake). Goooooo girl!!! You can do it!!!
Kip said…
yuck I'm behind too but we can do it i'm sure just think how delighted the recipients going to be!
CraftyPretender said…
I saw that, Nikki!!!

J darling i can't wait to see your mailart, too .... it's gonna be such a nice surprise!

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