A New Project?

Kim offered to give this Weeping Violets Sampler from Sweetheart Tree to a good home, and I totally fell in love with it. I love the soft purples and greens in it and it even had beads that I can play around with. THANKS KIM!!! *hugs*

Now, this broaches the topic of the 'sampler.' EK has been trying to get me interested in stitching these for the last couple of months now. The girl is addicted to them!! So much so that I've threatened her with no more sampler viewings on the occasion that she didn't do something... I forget what it is now. I realize, as I'm writing this, that my forgetfulness would render the threat useless. LOL!

Back to the topic of the sampler... I can't understand the involvement of the alphabet in them. A and I had a long chat about this, and we decided that since we know our ABCs, stitching them is quite redundant and boring. Now, EK and Novi insisted that the sampler was used in the olden days for the gentlewomen to learn their alphabet while sitting straight and tall in their sitting rooms embroidering and drinking tea! Shiver me timbers!!! Oh... the boredom!!!!

So what I would like to know, dear readers, is if it's against some kind of stitching rule to not stitch the alphabet and replace it with either a saying or our last name. Surely, something like "Love Conquers All" would mean a lot more in this household than ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ... then again, perhaps walking around singing the alphabet song at the top of our voices could be an interesting past-time. ;)


Andie said…
LOL, I think it was to show off their style of lettering so prospective suitors would know if they would like the monogram their wife would put on their hankies LOL I don't get into samplers so I say go for the saying :) *hugs*
sugardoll said…
That sampler is gorgeous!

Perhaps in the olden days it helps teach them to read when literacy rates were very low. hehe I am very sure you can personalize it with like you suggested "last name" or saying. Then it would make it unique. =)
I say if you are doing it do it as you like! Nothing wrong at all with changing a pattern to suit yourself!
bells said…
LOL...glad I'm not the only one who was confused by the whole "alphabet thingy" on samplers! I say make the sampler your own--put on it whatever makes you happy! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the wonderful pattern Kim so graciously donated.
CraftyPretender said…
don't be such a baby... alphabets rock!!!!! And I'm glad you're starting your first ST... btw I heard they are extremely addictive. *cue evil laughter* YAYYYYY she's finally coming to see what fun sampler stitching is!! Btw, they are very fast to do!

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