The Solution

A quick update on the situation with the in-laws....

They went back to Oklahoma on the 24th, and had a talk with the sil and her husband the same night. I guess it went ok in terms of the money part, she agreed to give them a monthly allowance, but they will continue to stay there instead of moving here. They'll have more freedom in terms of my mil not having to cook for everyone, but they'll still help out with picking the kids up from school.

When I talked to them right after that, they didn't sound to happy but both said that this is the best solution for the time being.

Today's conversation with my mil found her sounding much happier, which I'm glad for. Was a little worried about them, but it all seems to be working out better now.

Funny thing, whenever I cook, it reminds me of her cos she redid my pantry and cabinets, and put everything neat and tidy into plastic containers and the like. ^.^


Andie said…
It sounds like you have lovely parents in law! I am pretty jealous :) It sounds like its been a bit of a hard time for everyone, I hope your mil and fil are happier with the new situation, or else able to enforce any changes they want made *hugs* Andi

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