A Thank You Note

This is going to be a different sorta post...

You guys are the BESTEST!!! Thanks for all the encouragement on the mailart thingy. I'm trying to be very good about it. Got the address part of it done and half of the back design stitched. Went to JoAnn's afterwork yesterday and picked up the backing material (which was 75% off... yippee!!!!) and some decoration stuff, so that's all good to go for stitching, hopefully scheduled for tomorrow.

Yes, Kim, we can do it. *fingers cross... breeeeeeathe*

Nikki.... ROFL, you called it about EK. The girl sure can stitch when she's threatened. ;)


Kip said…
Hope your's is coming along - I have a bit of back stitching and the lining to do and then I'm done. Happy days!
You are just so sweet! I know your stitching and all will work out just fine.

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