An Update, Finally!

Thought my stitchy muse had left me high and dry for a while there. But she's back, with a vengeance, and about damn time!! Missing stitching and not wanting to do it is hell!

Anyhooo, here is an update on Vis-a-vis that I'm stitching for A.

I had the hardest time stitching it in the hoop and HATED not being able to stitch two-handed. Since I didn't wanna spend money getting a lap stand, Satish rigged up a holder for me using piano wire and an extra scroll rod and my trusty frame, which made me a happy puppy indeed!! :D

If all goes well, the next update will be Meta in a few days. *fingers crossed*


sugardoll said…
Really lovely Joyce, love those colors. That is very creative of your hubby to build you a holder. hurrah! =D
bells said…
Wow! Satish sure is a handy man! Perhaps you should patent that design and start selling Vis is looking GORGEOUS! And I'm sooooo excited about an update piccie of Meta!! Glad you found your love for stitching again :)

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