All That Glitters

Finally got the camera out to take pictures of the jewelry sets I made for my mommy last month.

Now, you might think that this was a result of my need to be productive. But let me assure you, dear reader, that it ain't so!! If it wasn't for my having to deliver them to Ai Lin over the weekend so that she can pack for her trip back home, the camera would still been sitting in its little nook, the jewelry would all still be in the baggies, and I'd be stitching Meta! ;)

But really, all whining aside (I'm blaming it on the kids I had to teach today. Did y'all know that whiney-ness is contagious?!?), I thought they came out really well. I was talking to my mommy while uploading the pictures, and she's been instructed to send them back if she doesn't like them. I hope she does though. *fingers crossed* I'm not naming names.... but I had to have inherited my picky-ness from *someone*. ;)

This is a set (lariat necklace, earrings, bracelet) made up of pinkish/peach coin pearls and 24kt filled gold nuggets. I had the hardest time remembering the specific name of the pearl cos I kept hearing Ai Lin's voice saying cache. Just to be save, come Google to the rescue, but the thingos are NOT called cache pearls.... maybe they were cashew pearls?? Surely no one in their right mind would've named pearls after nuts, but hey, ya never know. It's a crazy world out there, after all. Tried searching for that next, but apparently Google isn't too friendly to closet blonds!! Finally, figured out that the word I was looking for was keishi pearls. Cashew.... keishi.... yup they're close enough to be mistaken for each other! *rolls eyes* And yanno what?? After ALL that, I found out that the darn things are called COIN pearls!!!! Apparently Google loves closet blonds after all. ;)

This necklace and earring set is made from baroque pearls (my mommy loves pearls), pewter spacers, and triangle glass beads. I added that extra bit of chain just in case she wants a longer length, but mainly cos I ran out of pearls. *giggle* Came out really well though, if I may say so myself. ;)

Finally, we have the aventurine set. I got these stones from a trade show Ai Lin, my mil, and I went to in the beginning of January for $3 a strand! What a steal, eh? I was all set to make something for myself, being a lover of green and all, but the cousin said that it looked too 'old' for me. After some thought, the stones were made into necklaces for my mommy and mil, cos yanno, it suited their age. ;) *angelface* Those earrings are really special cos Ai Lin made them by wiring the stones onto the hoops.


bells said…
They're all beautiful J! I'm sure your mom is going to love them!
sugardoll said…
When are you sending mine over? I have been impatently waiting...*smirk* So impatiently waiting...I stand by the door everyday!! LOL Those pieces are go-oh-geous dear! I think you should start a jewelry store! tee hee.
J said…
ROFL Noreen. And before you saw the pics, you were wondering why you were standing by the door without a reason huh? ;)

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