A Bouquet for Cheryl

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Cheryl, but everyone who has known her said that she's the sweetest person ever, and was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She passed away a couple of weeks ago and her friends charted A Bouquet for Cheryl in her honor.

Initially, I downloaded this chart as something I might want to stitch on a later date. I liked the design, but Satish (DH and not of the Citrix fame.... hiya Satish (of the Citrix fame)!!! *wave*) wasn't crazy about the design and I was really wanting to get back into Metamorphosis again. Then my mil called. She was feeling kinda depressed cos things aren't going the greatest over there and it's very heartbreaking for me not to be able to do anything about their situation at the moment.

Annette said something really profound on the Crafty Coven the other day, and I quote: "Then while I'm stitching it I'm going to use it as a reflection piece....reflecting on how short life is and the joy that is to be found every day."

This was something that I really took to heart, and I decided that I'm going to stitch Cheryl's Bouquet for my mil to remind her that she's loved. I'm using a floss that Bonnie sent me and I am so pleased with how this piece is turning out, especially how the purples and the greens, married with the intricacies of the pattern looks very Indian, IMO.

by Marc Davis, Diane Jourdan, and Kat Zak

Fabbie: 25ct Lugana, Sudden Storm by Silkweaver
Floss: Sublime by Carrie's Creation


satish said…
Heh! Hi J..thanks for clarifying..I am sure DH and I get mistaken for each other all the time :)

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