Our New Couch

Went living room furniture shopping yesterday. I've been wanting what's been called a "stitching throne" by Satish and Sean for a few months now. What I really wanted was an oversized chair about the width of a loveseat, but only with 1 sitting cushion so that my bum disappear into the 'sinkhole' between the 2 cushions of a love seat when I'm stitching. ;)

4 hours and 3 furniture stores later, we found a chair for me and a couch for to Satish. The couch is this gorgeous dark-chocolate leather with recliners on both ends. That got delivered today, but no stitchy chair for me since it's back ordered. *cwy*

Will be cool when the in-laws visit and can lean back and catch up on movies and such while we're at work. ^.^

Half-reclined: Fully-reclined. Fancy a nap? ;)
Gave Allie our old loveseat since she's moving into her first very-own apartment. I remember how tough it is to try and furnish a place when you're first starting out. The old couch is still here. I would like to try and fit it into our current computer room but Satish says it's too big. :( So off to Goodwill or a woman's shelter it will go.

Tired today, so that's all folks. ^.^


sugardoll said…
Oi, you can't be showing couches here on the interweb!! You know couches are...sexy!! LOL
J said…
LOL!!! and this one is comffffffyyyyyy! :D

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