At the Crafty Coven, we're planning on an April/May SAL of Cirque des Cercles by InkCircles. I spent the longest time obsessing about what color floss and fabbie to use for this, and finally decided on Cocoa by Caron Waterlilies... but still have to find a fabbie to go with it though. The plan right now is to get a dark brown fabric and I'm kinda eyeing Stab and Stash's Opalescent Chocolate. Tammy said that she can darken it for me, so I'm eagerly waiting for her to get some free time so that she can send me a sample.

In the meantime, Sean came over today for a some stitching and gossiping, and I test stitched on a piece of black 25ct lugana, and I must say, we though it looked pretty damn good!! ^.^

On the immigration front, the letters FINALLY got here last week. I requested a resend, and thank God this time they arrived within a few days and were request for a redo of the medical forms cos they were missing signatures!!!! Now.... I'm not going to point fingers, but those forms required our signatures and the physician's signature, and we signed them!! So, I had to call the doctor's office again, and fortunately we won't have to redo all the tests again.

Printed out the forms, filled them out nice and neat, SIGNED the damn things.... AGAIN, and dropped them at the doctor's office. All within the same day of receiving the pdf from our attorney. This was last Wednesday. I was supposed to call them Friday afternoon to confirm that the doctor signed it and pick it up Monday morning. Well, she had an emergency and wasn't there Friday and "hopefully she'll be in on Monday, so can you call us Monday afternoon?" Siiiiiigh.

Will call again tomorrow afternoon and pray that she's signed and dated them and everything is in order this time.


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