The Hazards of Keeping Clean

Doom and gloom, 7 of our fishies died last night. :(

*15 minutes prior* I just finished helping Satish clean out the fish tank water and thought I'd go grab a quick shower while he fills it back up.

Did my thing, comes tromping down the stairs to him swearing and telling me that 2 of our zebra danios just turned over and started spazzing. The water temperature had dropped 3 degrees in a matter of 15 seconds cos the water that was added in there was ice-cold.... cos I was in the shower..... ooops! So he was trying in vain to get some hot water, ANY hot water in there to get the temp back up.

While I was standing there watching, another one turned over and started floating, and then another. I have never seen anything go belly up so quickly in my life!!! A third turned over and started doing crazy-assed somersaults!!!! Holy cow!!!! Around and around in circles it went, then ZOOOOOOOOM!!!!, right across the tank, and then a few twitches, and a few more, and down it sank all the way to the bottom. Meantime, while we were watching this circus act, two of our lemon tetras started swimming on their sides, decided they didn't like that too much, and just plain quit!!

This leads me to the conclusion that showering *could* be bad for health. However, a more in-depth study on this matter might shed more light into this matter. There are 13 fishies left after all! Mwa-hahahahaha!!!!!!



CraftyPretender said…
honey!!! aiyoh i am soooo sorry!!

i think you need a dry pet, lah... like a hamster.
Poor fishies! Can we say oops?
sugardoll said…
You could have saved them for dinner! ROFL

I'm just kidding! Don't think I'm taking the deaths of the fishes lightly! =(
HAED Sexy Fairy said…
Perfect description of fishy spasm caused by frost bites. One day it might be a reference for vet. LOL!!

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