It Found Annette!!!!

There I was, blissfully happy in my own little stitching world, surrounded by a couple of loving BAPs (big ass projects), and colorful charts and flossies.... perfectly content in my mailart virgin-dom, when Bonnie strutted into my life.

She enticed me with pictures, flaunted her wares like a shameless hussy, and snared me willingly into her clutches... and darn if I didn't love every minute of it!! Oh, oh.... OOOOOOH!!!!!! ;)

I sent my first to Annette, and after two long weeks of travel, it finally made its way into her loving arms. Phew, what a relief, my baby is safe!!! I didn't want to post any piccies before, but now that it's arrived, let the good times roll!!

The front: closed up into the shape of an envelope, and opened up to reveal the whole length.

The inside, with 2 pockets for storage (mil's wonderful idea ^.^)

The back: folded up, and with its lining.

There's another mailart exchange in the works. I'm trying to resist, but the pull it too strong. I've tasted the forbidden fruit, and it's sucking me in!!! I wish I was stronger, but being bad feels sooo good!! *giggle*


sugardoll said…
Those are so cute my dear! Wish it was in my mailbox LOL.

So lovely and adorable! Huggies!
bells said…
Your first mailart turned out beautifully J! And I'm sooooo glad it found it's way into Annette's hands! Can't wait for the next mailart exchange!

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