The Smell! The Smell!!!!

When they brought the couch in yesterday, they put teflon on to protect it. Now, when we purchase the protection plan, the lady said that the teflon won't have a smell. So there I was, sitting and laying on the couch most of the day and it didn't smell like leather!!!

Did the leather test... you know what this is right? It's where you push your fingernail into the leather. If it's real leather, you leave an imprint of your nail, cos it's skin. If it's fake, it bounces right back. One of those trivial things my dad taught me that I put to use more often than I'd care to admit. LOL!.... and yup, it's leather alright! Although, Satish wouldn't let me do it on the couch, had to do it in a hidden section. Hmmmph!

Me: "This stinks!!! Doesn't smell like leather at all!"
Him: "It's the teflon, it'll go away."
Me: *picks up the sample remnant leather that did NOT get teflonized, sniffed. Sniffed couch* "Nope, smells the same, see, see??!!!" *shoves remnant under his nose."
Him: "Nope."

10 minutes later:

Me: "Hmmmph, this stinks!!! Return it!!! I want it to smell like my Coach bag!!"
Him: *rolls eyes* "It's the teflon."
Me: "The lady say the teflon doesn't smell. The couch at the store smelt like leather."
Him: "Yeah, cos they sprayed leather smells on there!"
Me: "nuh-uh!"
Him: "Yup!"
Me: *outraged*
Him: *ROFL*

30 minutes later:

Me: *checking on google to make sure Klaussner Furniture is a reputable company*
Him: "It's the Teflon."
Me: "It's yucky!"
Him: "Smells good to me."
Me: "Good thing it's so comfy. I think we should go get leather pillow... those that smell like LEATHER!!!"
Him: "OK.... wanna go look?"

Awwwh, isn't he so sweet. :D

Him: "But we don't really need pillows though."

Ok... not so sweet after all. Hmmmph!

Thus the whole night was punctured with intermittent sounds of me sniffing and going "yuck!"

Today I came down the stairs and was greeted by the sweet, potent smell of leather! I'm a happy puppy. :D


LOL! you are just so funny but I would probably do the same thing! Glad it smells better now!
CraftyPretender said…
I'm scared to get you perfume now!!!

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