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Check this out!!!! It out to be illegal to be this cute! I want me one of these and I'll take Claritin to stop my allergies for it!!! Me want, me want, ME WANT!!! CUTE-ALICIOUS!!!


I've been scarce lately. Have been up to my eyeballs with work, to the point of no online play time from work! Of all the atrocities!!! Really, don't they know that my gracing the office with my presence is enough? ;) Things have been going slower than I'd like on the stitching end.... BUT I did manage to finish A Bouquet for Cheryl, or as Netts and I fondly call it, CB. After posting it on the Crafty Coven BB, and getting their feedback, I've decided to leave this as the finished piece, and not stitch the cornices that are included in the design. I have to say, I'm supremely pleased by how it turned out, and the color combo is gorgeous, IMO. And it reminds me so much of an Indian/Chinese kinda asian blend. I stitched this for my mil, as a reminder for her everytime she looks at it that we love her.... but I tell ya, I'm hard pressed to keep it for myself. *giggle* Do you see all the little "fish-dragon heads", as I call it? Come to think of it they l

White Peacock

Because Brenda loves me (or so she claims, she showed me White Peacock by Kustom Krafts , and isn't that just drop dead gorgeous?? I tried to resist it, I did, I did!! It's not like I don't have enough things to stitch, and let's not forget that A and I have stitching plans to last us to our 12th lifetime, and counting. But the damn thing keeps drawing me back. I tried to ignore it.... but darn clicky finger keeps clicking back to the link. I tried to stop myself from looking at it.... but darn head keeps popping up from the manuscript I was working and made me stare, and stare, and stare. Oh yes.... drool was involved too! I told Brenda that surely there isn't such a thing as a white peacock, and really, if that's the case, then I shouldn't stitch it, right? Cos yanno, fantasy is one thing, but an angel is going to have to come down to earth once in a while. To prove that I surely can't be that weak-willed, I thought Google would come to my rescue, and