White Peacock

Because Brenda loves me (or so she claims, she showed me White Peacock by Kustom Krafts, and isn't that just drop dead gorgeous??

I tried to resist it, I did, I did!! It's not like I don't have enough things to stitch, and let's not forget that A and I have stitching plans to last us to our 12th lifetime, and counting.

But the damn thing keeps drawing me back. I tried to ignore it.... but darn clicky finger keeps clicking back to the link. I tried to stop myself from looking at it.... but darn head keeps popping up from the manuscript I was working and made me stare, and stare, and stare. Oh yes.... drool was involved too!

I told Brenda that surely there isn't such a thing as a white peacock, and really, if that's the case, then I shouldn't stitch it, right? Cos yanno, fantasy is one thing, but an angel is going to have to come down to earth once in a while.

To prove that I surely can't be that weak-willed, I thought Google would come to my rescue, and proof that white peacocks are all a dream. Well, foiled at every turn, I tells ya!!!! Just have a look at THIS!!! How jaw-droppingly gorgeous are these creatures????!!!! Man oh man oh man!

So, in celebration of these lovelies, Brenda and I are going to SAL White Peacock. And I'll be sharing the love right back at her.


bells said…
lol...it is a beautiful pattern...and I'm not one to criticize as I am a serial-starter...so stitch away you two...just be sure and post lots of WIP piccies!
J said…
Nikki, since you think it's beautiful, wanna join us? (I'm trying to drag down... ummm I mean, encourage as many as possible to join me in my madness... umm... I mean.... bah! Who am I kidding? JOIN ME IN MY MADNESS!!!! :D )

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