Not that it's a slow day or anything, cos I do have 4 manuscripts piled up to proof, but I'm supposed to stagger giving them to the other departments so that they don't get ambushed with a gazillion of manuscripts at once.

Couple that with the fact that I don't really feel like working, seeing as how I've passed 3 manuscripts through today, I'm reading Masak-Masak again.

'Again' because I stumbled upon this site a few days ago when I was looking up something for Novi when we were talking about food. And holy moly, what a site!!!! From all these years of being away, I had forgotten the vast variety of yummy AND gorgeous food we have back home. And lucky lucky me, I'll be able to eat all that and more in less than two months. My one worry now is that I won't have time to eat all that yummy food. How tragic will THAT be?


sugardoll said…
Some of those look very similar to filipino cuisine. I love nata de coco, I have yet to see ones star shaped though, those would look really gorgeous on fruit salad. YUM!

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