Hewwwwo I'm Back!!!

Same old adage of me being scarce lately.... work... blah blah, tired... yada-yada. You know the drill, so let's just skip that and get into the fun stuff!!! :D

I'm going to have to do quite a few follow-up posts after this one in the next few days to catch up on all the happenings.... but the biggest news of late has been.... are you ready?


We got our green cards!!!! Whooop-dee-dooo!!!! Thank God! ^.^ After all the paperwork and countless phone calls back and forth, the approval notice came in the form of an email... wait.... 3 emails, sent 30 seconds apart. I guess they wanted to make sure we got the news. ;) "This is to inform you yada-yada.... you should be receiving your card within 30 days." The follow up emails (yes, 3 again) the next day notified us that the actual cards were sent out. WHOOT WHOOOT!!! All in all it took them 2 weeks after we resent the medical papers in for them to approve everything and send us our cards. God has truly been good. Everyone has prayed so hard for this. ^.^ My mom told me she was praying even in her dreams. Hehehe.

Once we got the cards in our eager little hands, I started making plans to get tickets for home and home we're heading!!! For 2 weeks in the summer. FOOOOOOD, GLORIOUS FOOOOD! That's all I'm really caring about atm. My mom has a list of my expected menu and I'm waffling back and forth about what my first meal is going to be. :D

As for the plane ride, we're flying Singapore Airlines, top-rate service in the flight industry. The kicker of course, is that our longest flight will be flying direct from Newark to Singapore on the way there and Singapore to LA on the way back, for a whopper of 18 1/2 hours EACH WAY!! Yeah, tell me about it. Not looking forward to it... but thoughts of food will sustain me (I hope). LOL!


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
Can you bring some food back for me? Or at least DHL it, EK knows what my favourite food is LOL.
Again Congratulation!!
sugardoll said…
Hello my dear WB!!
I am excited about your plans of going home for a visit. Hubby and i are planning to go to the Phils. in july, too, summer over there. Like you, I am thinking of all the food I am going to stuff myself with cuz my palette here died a long time ago. LOL. We agreed that even if my mom can't see us (she's in germany with sis family) We will just visit her when she comes to the US. It kind of upsets me that if she can't be there, then no one can cook for us. But hubby suggested we will spend all 2 weeks eating at my fave place, with barbecue (filipino style) and all filipino foods...YUMMMMMMMmmmmMMM!! I can't wait to hit the beach too! My son will be so surprised, there is even bigger water container than the tub!! LOL
J said…
Novi.... yanno, if you meet us there, I wouldn't have to send you food. ;)

LOL Noreen. You and me both about the food!!!! I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to eat everything I want to eat in those 2 short weeks.

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