New Start.. and A Finish Challenge

As a result of the upcoming trip home, I have to do a mad scramble to start AND finish Floral Retreat for my mommy. She had picked this pattern out from a slew of patterns I sent her sometime last year, and I don't think she expects it as a gift when I head home in the summer, but boy, wouldn't she be surprised! Or at least I hope so... else, I'm taking it back!!! LOL.

Mellie and I were talking one day--our chats usually consist of ragging at the non-finishers (Yes! You know who you are and y'all better get stitching if you don't want to feel the sting of my whip! Mwa-hahaha.) and planning our finishes--and we decided that our next finish should be on June 20th. She's been having a hard time rotating between 3 pieces and I plain just haven't been stitching on any BAPs (Big Ass Projects) at all.

So we came up with a plan for hopefully 3 finishes PER person this year! ^.^ More notches on our pink jackets. Of course, if I could talk her into doing a blog with me, you'd see her WIPs too... but the woman says that takes away from her stitching time!! She's obsessed, I tell ya, OBSESSED! LOL!

First one up is Dimension's Floral Retreat for me, Chatelaine's Convent Herb Garden for Mel, and Dimension's Regal Tiger for A. Yes, A is in this too. Wouldn't have it any other way. Mwa-hahahaha!

Now, for the particulars:

by Dimensions Gold
Stitched over 2 on 28ct linen
WIP date: April 16th, 2007


Carolyn said…
Floral retreat looks wonderful and you have made some HUGE progress!! Pat yourself on the back girl!

And congrats on the greencards coming thru for you! :)
sugardoll said…
That WIP is gorgeous. My mom loves scenery designs too. I think she would love that. Congratulations by the way, weeee we are both GC we come!!!!!!
bells said…
Floral Retreat is looking soooo lovely!! Your mom is going to LOVE it!!

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