For My Fans....

.... thanks for being concerned, Satish (Citrix) and Ai Lin. I'm here... not dead yet, and if I pep-talk myself enough, I'll get off my tired bum and post once every 2 days. Or one can hope. Hey!! Maybe instead of beading and stitching, I can blog instead!!! *gasp!*

I HAVE too been beading and stitching, not that I've taken any pictures to show for them, so you're just going to have to trust me on it... don't laugh, it's not funny, I'm trustworthy. Angels are that way..... so what if this one has a a devilish streak in her? Mwa-hahahaha.

Hey.... Satish.... should I give you a personal special name and call you Satish-Cit or Cit-Satish, oooh ooh or CIT-TISH! :D


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