A New Addiction

Instead of stitching as much as I should have done over the weekend, I was playing Bookworm Adventures most of Saturday after work and woke up earlier than usual on Sunday to play it. Check it out, it's an awesome-olicious word game. <3 <3 Yup, I'm a nerd. ;)

On the stitchy end, there should be a picture update tomorrow. Manage to put in some stitches, but just haven't gotten around to taking a picture yet. Peggy, my office mate, is starting to stress out for me cos I'm leaving in about a month. I told her to not worry cos I'm pretty sure I'll get it done in the next couple of weeks. HOWEVER, if you happen to hear horrendous shrieking, rending of cloth, and gnashing of teeth, that's probably me, a day before I leave, with Floral unfinished. ;)


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