Floral Retreat Finished!!

It's done, it's done, it's done!!! Whoot whoot, and with one week to spare. :D It came out really well, if I may say so myself and I think mommy is going to like it very much. And just in case she doesn't (she'd better!!) I think I like it enough to bring it back with me, hehehe. ;)

The colors came out really well and I love how the scene is so calming and soothing, which is a good thing, since Mommy picked it for this very reason. Now it's just a matter of rolling it up and packing it away.... but I think I shall enjoy it a little first for the next couple of days. ^.^

Floral Retreat

Dimensions Gold Collection
Stitched over 2 on 28ct cream linen
Cross-stitch and half crossed with a varied number of strands
Finished: June 13th, 2007


sugardoll said…
Wow Joyce! Breathtaking! Spectacular finish! I am sure your mom will love it!
bells said…
Gorgeous work J! Your mom is going to LOVE it!!
Congrats on another finish *hugs*
Debs said…
That is beautiful!!! I wish I had a place that looked like that.
Kim said…
Hiya Joyce - Long time no speak! hope alls well with you and congrats on getting floral retreat completed in time!
mona said…
Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

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