My First Order!!!

A little background.... I've taught Hannah for 2 years, since she was 4 and when I wore my green "Alien" bracelet to her lesson one time, she totally feel in love with it and begged me to make her one. (Think of the cutest little 6 year old, with puppy dog eyes, saying pleaaaaaase, and you'd understand how hard it was for me to have said 'no.') Of course, I didn't give in that easily, no sirrree bob!! The deal was made that she will only get a bracelet if she didn't whine or complained in class (which lasted all of a month. LOL!)

I got a call from Hannah's mom late last week, and without much preamble, she started telling me about how Hannah is finishing Speech after 2 years and they were thinking of getting her a gift. Mom asked her what she would like to get her teacher, and was expecting the answer to be flowers or angels or something along those lines. Much to her surprise (and mine), Hannah told her that she would really love to give her speech teacher "that bracelet Miss Joyce made me" and true to form, wanted something in her 2 favorite colors, pink and purple.

So here it is... my very, very first sale. WHEEEEEE!!! I used pearls, an assortment of czech glass, seed beads, and I'm not quite sure what that triangular purple stone is.

Here it is on my wrist:

Hopefully this will be the beginning of many good things to come. :D


HAED Sexy Fairy said…
It's very BEAUTIFUL!!!
Miss Joyce, PLEAAAAASEEEEE I also want 1 * puppy eyes *
J said…
ROFLMAO! Maybe if you're a really good girl... but I can't afford you. You can only wear gold!!!
sugardoll said…
ohhh!! beautiful!! you did an excellent job! I'd wear one too! =)

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