On the Stitching Front...

... the needle is feeling the sting on loneliness, the threads are sobbing out their misery, and the pattern lays in hopeless forlorn. The biggest factor for the current lack of stitching effort is because we've been redecorating during what little free time we have, but that's the story (and pics) for another day.

I did manage to stitch a little here and there on Cirque, but it's just not quite happening. Nevertheless, here's the WIP from September 9th. Tammy, wonderful owner of Stab and Stash and darling friend, special-dyed this gorgeous piece of fabric for me. It's actually the most beautiful shade of dark chocolate brown, and the thread (Waterlilies' Cocoa) blends in beautifully. DH requested that the thread and fabbie for this piece to blend in as much as possible, so create the 'burnt velvet' effect. Now, if I'd get my act together and work on it, the effect might be more prominent.


sugardoll said…
Wow! That fabbie is really pretty...I'm so glad you are stitching again =)

Connor just turned 2 last friday...Exhausting..I tell ya! But the rewards of hugs and smooches are the best, so there! >_>

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