With the in-laws visiting for 4 months towards the end of the year (long story... think I blogged about the cause late last year), DH and I decided that we'll need a bit more lounging/living space so that we won't be on top of each other all the time.

Thus began the task of redoing our Florida/computer room into a den. Thankfully, I neglected to take some before pictures since it was a horrific sight to begin with and was pretty much just a space we had. We linked out 2 computer desks together with some cube shelving (a la Ikea) and the cubes now house all my stash and beads. DH rebuilt my computer and it's now a kick-ass gaming machine, as well as being about to function as a media center. The red curtains were a bold move for us, since we've always gone with the earth tones, but we're really loving the look. They are thermal-lined, and since this room faces the west, these have been a big help in reducing the heat in the afternoons. Also, I finally have a proper place to fully display my cross-stitched Mighty Samurai and Elegance of the Orient, not to mention David's samurai sculpture. :D

We moved the recliner from the living room in here and lately my most favorite thing to do on weekend mornings is to read in here, have my coffee, and look out to the lake. I'm getting spoilt, yes, I am. ;)

With the boldness of the red curtains in the new den, it was decided that the blahness of the living room isn't going to work, so we got some gradated olive green curtains just to punch up the room. We also bought a new recliner, this time we made sure it matched the color of my stitchy chair, and angled it in to face the other 2 pieces of furniture instead of the tv. I liked this much better since it opens up the whole space to lead from the living room into the music room. They're not in the picture on the right, but we bought 2 chinese hand-painted cabinets to house all our piano and guitar books and situated them at the wall opposite the piano.

The guest room has also been redone so it'll be more comfy, but haven't taken pictures of that. I think this pretty much does it for redecorating for the next little bit. I was going to say "for the next couple of years," but really, who am I kidding? LOL!!

Next up.... a 46 inch 1080p LCD HDTV.... maybe.... I think I'm quite in love with the Sharp Aquos LC46D92U.....


Kim said…
wow very nice - I love red those curtains are so me!
sugardoll said…
Your house is soo lovely!!

10 brownie pts. to hubby for upgrading that pc into complete p@wnage! eehhehe
Branlaadee said…
Joyce, the rooms look great! I wish my stash was so neat like that!
bells said…
Wow Joyce! You did a lovely job on the redecorating! I really like what you've done! Would you come to Canada and do my apartment for me?? I'll pay you in stash.... :)
J said…
Nikki, I'm there. ;)

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