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Redecorating Update

We decided to splurge and live a little and went out and bought a new TV for the living room. I've been doing research up the wazoo for the last few weeks and have been talking non-stop about it, as some of my friends will attest to, until I got to the 'breaking' point. You know what I mean right? It's the point where you either decide to bite the bullet and do what you were thinking of doing, or you decide that French has miraculously become your very proficient second language and think "F it! Forget it!!" In this case, my proficiency in French escaped me. ;) So we went to Best Buy and acquired the latest Sharp 42inch LCD, LC-42d64u . It's much thinner than the other LCDs and plasmas out there, and a definite plus for us is that Sharp has also reduced the bezel size. I won't go into too much technical details, but I will say that it's a GORGEOUS tv!! I really had my heart set on a 46 inch, but I get headaches if I sit too close to a viewing

It's All Chinese

Had dinner with Ai Lin and Ian tonight. Our dinner plans range from mostly eating out (especially on Fridays) to having each other over. They feed us a variety of delish food spanning multiple continents (brats, turkey, hokkien mee, chicken noodle soup.... the list goes on) and we usually make Indian, Indian, and more Indian. Tonight however, we decided to cook chinese for a change. On the menu was: "3 Cup Chicken" - Ai Lin learnt this recipe from a restaurant around here called "Peppers." I'll have to have her teach me how to make it cos it was YUMMY!! She also made steamed broccoli, chinese style, with fried onions, but our photographer didn't get a picture of it. Grrr. >.< I made a tofu dish, using japanese silken tofu, and topped the slices with a ground pork sauce. Also on the menu was my attempt at making my mom's famous "char siu" (chinese BBQ pork) which I'm sad to say never come out as well as hers... I think I never put quit