It's All Chinese

Had dinner with Ai Lin and Ian tonight. Our dinner plans range from mostly eating out (especially on Fridays) to having each other over. They feed us a variety of delish food spanning multiple continents (brats, turkey, hokkien mee, chicken noodle soup.... the list goes on) and we usually make Indian, Indian, and more Indian.

Tonight however, we decided to cook chinese for a change. On the menu was:

"3 Cup Chicken" - Ai Lin learnt this recipe from a restaurant around here called "Peppers." I'll have to have her teach me how to make it cos it was YUMMY!! She also made steamed broccoli, chinese style, with fried onions, but our photographer didn't get a picture of it. Grrr. >.<

I made a tofu dish, using japanese silken tofu, and topped the slices with a ground pork sauce.

Also on the menu was my attempt at making my mom's famous "char siu" (chinese BBQ pork) which I'm sad to say never come out as well as hers... I think I never put quite enough sugar in the marinade.

It turned out to be a most delicious meal, not that our meals aren't always so ;) , but I do believe this is the first time we've gone all chinese.

Our mothers would've been proud. ^.^


sugardoll said…
MMmmMMm Nummy! Nummy!!

Love those eye candies! I can almost taste them =^-^=
Branlaadee said…
Joyce, it looks like a yummy dinner!

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