Redecorating Update

We decided to splurge and live a little and went out and bought a new TV for the living room. I've been doing research up the wazoo for the last few weeks and have been talking non-stop about it, as some of my friends will attest to, until I got to the 'breaking' point. You know what I mean right? It's the point where you either decide to bite the bullet and do what you were thinking of doing, or you decide that French has miraculously become your very proficient second language and think "F it! Forget it!!" In this case, my proficiency in French escaped me. ;)

So we went to Best Buy and acquired the latest Sharp 42inch LCD, LC-42d64u. It's much thinner than the other LCDs and plasmas out there, and a definite plus for us is that Sharp has also reduced the bezel size. I won't go into too much technical details, but I will say that it's a GORGEOUS tv!! I really had my heart set on a 46 inch, but I get headaches if I sit too close to a viewing source, and to proof this point, Satish parked me in front of a 46 inch and told me to watch it for 5 minutes and if I'm ok with it, we'll get the 46 inch. I lasted 30 seconds. :S Sucks that he knows me so well sometimes. ;)

Such is the current state of our living room. I'm loving that the tv matches our Bose speakers. I wish we could paint.... well, we could, but with the rental, we'll have to repaint everything white when we leave, and that would be such a pain! >.<

I didn't post a picture of our instruments in the music room the last time, so here it is:

We bought these cabinets from Home Goodsfor the wall of the stairwell to house our music books and scores, but this spot is till a work in progress. It's a little too empty at the moment... but the stairs slant in such a way that it's been tough getting stuff to fit on the wall and not have it look horrid.

Our old Panasonic found its new home in the den, along with the Wii. Had to move the cross-stitch scrolls much higher because of the height of the TV, but it was a great move having the gaming back here.

I played Resident Evil 4 one night on the recliner with the lights down low, and boy, when those zombies come at you.... it's impossible to not sit up and take notice. ;)

The beading station has been relocated slightly and now acts as an 'anchor' to my picture wall. It's not looking quite as nice and professional as I'd like for it to, but it'll do for now.

Here's the view of the curtains opening out to the lake. This is my favorite spot on weekend mornings to read, have coffee, lay back and enjoy!

That's it for now..... stay tuned. Who knows what the redecorating madness will produce the next time around... Hopefully it will be kind to our pocket books. *shudder*


sugardoll said…
Ohh fabulous!! fabulous!! Love those new cabinets, they are so elegant. Everything looks very nice. I did not even know what needs to be redecorated LOL. take care muah!
J said…
Hehehe, you're so silly, and thank you. ^.^ What needs to be redecorated is probably my brain, but we won't go there. ;)
Branlaadee said…
Wow Joyce...what a nice, neat, crisp home you have! Remind me to never let you see my place. :p
Ericille said…
Oh Joyce! Very nice and neat place you have! I love that you can hangout with the nice view of a lake. And that patio! If you see my place, you'll need to get the smelling salts, and NOT because it's very neat and gorgeous! LOL!

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