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CDC Update

Thank God for good friends and fellow stitchers. After the whole wrong-color-thread fiasco, my darlings on the Coven searched high and low for me for a dyelot that would match my original and on a leap of faith, Karen bought me a skein. It was from a different dyelot but it matches!! YIPPPEEEEEE!! This is 3 pages down and if I'm really good, I'll have this done by the end for February. Just in time for a new Sampler SAL start. :D :D

HAPPY 2008!!!

12 days late, but the wish is still the same: Wishing y'all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2008!


I've been trying to be good on the stitching end. Ever since the decision was made for a Sampler SAL (stitch-a-long) to start in March, and to pair that with my total dislike of leaving things unfinished, I have been working quite a bit on CDC . As of Thursday, I had 2 pages done, yippeeeee!!! GO, ME, GO!! Surely things are coming up roses, right? The stitching mojo is back, zippe-dee-doo-dah, zippe-de-yay! That's 2 pages down, 4 to go and if I keep up the discipline, I'll have this done by the end of February at the latest, and in time to start Spanish Rouge , or Inquisition as it has been lovingly dubbed, in March. When I first bought the floss, Caron Waterlilies Cocoa, they only had 2 skeins left at my LNS, but we liked the color too much and I thought surely when I needed more, it wouldn't be that tough to get it again. Fast forward a few months... the 2 pages that I had finished took up 1 skein and with one skein to go, I placed an order with an online store for 2