I've been trying to be good on the stitching end. Ever since the decision was made for a Sampler SAL (stitch-a-long) to start in March, and to pair that with my total dislike of leaving things unfinished, I have been working quite a bit on CDC. As of Thursday, I had 2 pages done, yippeeeee!!! GO, ME, GO!!

Surely things are coming up roses, right? The stitching mojo is back, zippe-dee-doo-dah, zippe-de-yay! That's 2 pages down, 4 to go and if I keep up the discipline, I'll have this done by the end of February at the latest, and in time to start Spanish Rouge, or Inquisition as it has been lovingly dubbed, in March.

When I first bought the floss, Caron Waterlilies Cocoa, they only had 2 skeins left at my LNS, but we liked the color too much and I thought surely when I needed more, it wouldn't be that tough to get it again.

Fast forward a few months... the 2 pages that I had finished took up 1 skein and with one skein to go, I placed an order with an online store for 2 more skeins knowing full well that they won't be from the same dye lot as my previous 2 skeins, but surely I could mix them up with the remaining one and it'll be fine.

Well, I couldn't be more wrong!!! Who'd have thunk that the SAME bloody color would come out so different??!!! And since a picture speaks a thousand words, I shall let this one speak loads and loads. (The one of the left is new.)

I'm so screwed!!!! Called Mellie last night and the poor dear had to listen to me cuss, and then she started looking online for me and through all her stash. The ladies at the Crafty Coven are going to scour their LNS's too. Hopefully, somewhere out there, there is a little skein of dye lot CS099606 looking for a good home.


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