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Here she is... one page (and some) done, 35 pages to go. LOL! Isn't she coming along beautifully? ^.^ by Ian Daniels Charted by Stab and Stash I'll be taking a break from her for a while and concentrate on Spanish Rouge and Metamorphosis for the next little while. I can't seem to get rotation to agree with me.

Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove

I really don't think I'm meant to work on samplers. I'm sure this will be much to EK 's dismay, but I swear I have the worse luck with them. I'm not saying this lightly and without proof either... Exhibit A: Remember A Bouquet for Cheryl ? Well, I got that done pretty quick, without too much mishap, unless you count that I didn't have enough thread for the whole design and opted to cut out the corners. Oh, and did I mention that I can't find where I stored it?? I've looked high and low for it but nada! Exhibit B: Ahh..... who could forget the fiasco of Cirque des Cercles where I received a different dye lot of Caron Waterlilies Cocoa and it was like Michael Jackson pre and post plastic surgery??? Fortunately for good friends, Karen sent me a skein from a dye lot that was pretty close, and it's finished and accounted for. Which leads me to the subject at hand. I started Spanish Rouge last weekend for the Sampler SAL we planned on the Crafty Cove


As promised, here is a peek at my current WIP. This was totally unplanned, but then Tammy, of Stab and Stash fame, signed Ian Daniels to chart his artwork!!! *SQUEAL!!!* And what's more, one of the first 6 she charted is Luna . Now, really, how is a girl supposed to resist something as beautiful as this, especially since I've always loved this. I actually already owned this piece as charted by HAED, but was very wary of starting it because a lot of their pieces that have been stitched have turned out quite badly, including the Sylph QS I worked on. Now, seeing as how these are BAPs (big-ass projects) and a lot of time will be devoted into stitching one of these, it is of utmost importance that I get very selective in what I stitch. So poor beautiful Luna has been sitting in my stash pile till now.... thanks to Stab and Stash , I present..... Luna, stitched on 25ct evenweave. (Hmm.... click on it for the bigger picture. It uploaded funny on here for some reason.)

A New Blog

Yes, like having 3 other blogs isn't enough and neglecting them wasn't criminal, I have gone and started up a new one with Mellie... Fantastic Finishes . :D We wanted to do this to celebrate our love for cross stitch and have an avenue to display all the love that we've put into each project. Whether or not this avenue becomes a boulevard is up to you, dear reader. It's still in the construction stages... I found this gorgeous template but it was in 3 columns, so some Photoshopping and recoding later.... ta-dah! 2 columns and a gallery-esque look. I still need to mess with the sizing and look of Mellie's pics. "Do whatever you want," she says!! Wonder if that includes putting a for sale price on them. Mwa-hahahahaha!! We still have some finishes to upload, including Mellie's knitting and paintings, then we'll start updating with current WIPs. :D And yes, that's what I've been doing on Friday and Saturday instead of stitching. ROFLMAO!

Let's Play Tag

Alrighty then. Might as well jump in feet first and make a big splash back into the land of blogging. Noreen tagged me, and here are the rules: 1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. 2. Post THE RULES on your blog. 3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog. 4. Tag 7 people and link to them. 5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged. Okie, here we go. 7 weird or random facts about me.... sheesh, do I really want the lot of you to know me this well? ;) 1. I can't swim or ride a bicycle. Wait... does that count as 2..... hmmm, I'm thinking it does. 2. I can't ride a bicycle. 3. I'm a huge RPG'er. 4. If I were guarantee millions, I'd consider marrying and old guy with liver spots if he died in a week and there is no contention for my millions. (ROFLMAO) 5. I can't sit still.... I always have to be doing something or thinking about something. The moment of me laying around doing nothing heralds

The More Things Change...

Same story, different instance.... I have been remiss in updating my blog of late. It seems that no matter how much I try, the grains of time runs out and leaves me running to the tune of playing catch-up. Although, I have been good about spending more time on the Crafty Coven , and it always lifts my spirits to be able to commune with such a great bunch of people. What's most important is that it's spurring me into stitching mode again, thus the CDC finish of late. An exciting new start took place a little over 10 days ago, but I think that she deserves a post of her very own because of how absolutely amazing she's turning out due in a huge part to the charting talents of Tammy at Stab and Stash . All in all 2008 is raring to be a good stitching year.... if the voices of beading, gaming, and books don't scream too loud in their attempts to lure me away.