As promised, here is a peek at my current WIP. This was totally unplanned, but then Tammy, of Stab and Stash fame, signed Ian Daniels to chart his artwork!!! *SQUEAL!!!* And what's more, one of the first 6 she charted is Luna. Now, really, how is a girl supposed to resist something as beautiful as this, especially since I've always loved this.

I actually already owned this piece as charted by HAED, but was very wary of starting it because a lot of their pieces that have been stitched have turned out quite badly, including the Sylph QS I worked on. Now, seeing as how these are BAPs (big-ass projects) and a lot of time will be devoted into stitching one of these, it is of utmost importance that I get very selective in what I stitch.

So poor beautiful Luna has been sitting in my stash pile till now.... thanks to Stab and Stash, I present..... Luna, stitched on 25ct evenweave. (Hmm.... click on it for the bigger picture. It uploaded funny on here for some reason.)


sugardoll said…
It looks very nice. Keep it up!

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