The More Things Change...

Same story, different instance....

I have been remiss in updating my blog of late. It seems that no matter how much I try, the grains of time runs out and leaves me running to the tune of playing catch-up.

Although, I have been good about spending more time on the Crafty Coven, and it always lifts my spirits to be able to commune with such a great bunch of people. What's most important is that it's spurring me into stitching mode again, thus the CDC finish of late.

An exciting new start took place a little over 10 days ago, but I think that she deserves a post of her very own because of how absolutely amazing she's turning out due in a huge part to the charting talents of Tammy at Stab and Stash.

All in all 2008 is raring to be a good stitching year.... if the voices of beading, gaming, and books don't scream too loud in their attempts to lure me away.


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