A New Blog

Yes, like having 3 other blogs isn't enough and neglecting them wasn't criminal, I have gone and started up a new one with Mellie... Fantastic Finishes. :D

We wanted to do this to celebrate our love for cross stitch and have an avenue to display all the love that we've put into each project. Whether or not this avenue becomes a boulevard is up to you, dear reader.

It's still in the construction stages... I found this gorgeous template but it was in 3 columns, so some Photoshopping and recoding later.... ta-dah! 2 columns and a gallery-esque look. I still need to mess with the sizing and look of Mellie's pics. "Do whatever you want," she says!! Wonder if that includes putting a for sale price on them. Mwa-hahahahaha!!

We still have some finishes to upload, including Mellie's knitting and paintings, then we'll start updating with current WIPs. :D

And yes, that's what I've been doing on Friday and Saturday instead of stitching. ROFLMAO! Oh, the irony!!


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