Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove

I really don't think I'm meant to work on samplers. I'm sure this will be much to EK's dismay, but I swear I have the worse luck with them. I'm not saying this lightly and without proof either...

Exhibit A: Remember A Bouquet for Cheryl? Well, I got that done pretty quick, without too much mishap, unless you count that I didn't have enough thread for the whole design and opted to cut out the corners. Oh, and did I mention that I can't find where I stored it?? I've looked high and low for it but nada!

Exhibit B: Ahh..... who could forget the fiasco of Cirque des Cercles where I received a different dye lot of Caron Waterlilies Cocoa and it was like Michael Jackson pre and post plastic surgery??? Fortunately for good friends, Karen sent me a skein from a dye lot that was pretty close, and it's finished and accounted for.

Which leads me to the subject at hand. I started Spanish Rouge last weekend for the Sampler SAL we planned on the Crafty Coven. Instead of doing it in red, we decided on purple and Marina and Peggy gifted me with Vikki Clayton silks for Christmas. This wasn't an easy process at all. I pulled the 2 reds that was recommended for the original and found 2 purples to match the difference in shades.... and let me say, these were very minimal.

Fast forward to Exhibit C: This is the first section and the bulk of the color you see is the darker shade. The second shade is on the left side right under the 2 4-leave clover-flower thing. Can't tell the difference, can you??!!!! *&#@(*&^%$% Now, the lighter shade under it is a DMC color I played around with, but have decided that I don't like how it blends. Sigh.

I think I'm going to order the next shade lighter from the same family as the darker shade from Vikki Clayton and it should work out well. *fingers crossed*


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