Bad Movies and Silver Linings

I've always been a firm believer on "There is Always a Silver Lining in Every Cloud".....

We watched 2 movies last night. Well, in this case, the word 'watched' is use in the loosest way possible and envelopes a huge scope of scoffing, ridiculing, snide remarks, total and utter disbelief, peppered with quite a few "WTF!!"s.... you get my drift. ;)

First up at 11pm was Alien vs. Predator 2. What a total waste of resources and money!!!! The first AvP was Oscar worthy compared to this one and like DH said, FOX ought to be shot for putting this kinda crap out there!! I'm guessing that mustard was the condiment of choice on set, as there was a lot of gore for no reason. Guess they had to use an influx of ketchup for something.

Of course, why stop at bad, if you can do worse? Dungeon Siege: In the Name of the King.... I have no words to describe how bad it was. Where would I even start? Should I talk about the utter lack of editing, or the horrible acting? How about the soundtracks during battle scenes, if you can call them that at all. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. One thing is for sure though, movies like Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Narnia etc have NOTHING on this movie. They're all so.... how do I say this....... GOOD!!! *snort*

DH calls me a perpetual optimist, and the way I see it, and I'm sure he'll agree, that was a totally fun way to spend waste 3 hours on a Monday night!! 3 hours for 2 movies, you wonder??? Ahhhhhhh, the magic of the fast forward button.

Visionless movie execs + bad directors + horrible music = Lots of laugh and fun and ultimately, My Silver Lining.


AC said…
Awwww! Come on, those are on my list! YOU just didn't prep correctly! Several friends to watch it with you, lots of booze and junk food before, during and after. This makes these movies much more fun. Though I will probably be watching them by myself now! LOL I'll be sure to just take the sound off Dungeon and watch Jason and his manly hotness! LMAO BTW if you haven't watch Reno 911!:Miami with booze and you will literally laugh until you cry!
Joysze said…
Even Jason and his manly hotness couldn't save this one. ROFL! We're supposed to be watching this korean dragon wars movie next that's supposed to be stupidly funny. We shall see. ;)
Ein said…
Film critic Joyce. A new profession? :)


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