Caressed by Ice

So I've been reading again.... Caressed by Ice, the last book in my unread pile, and I must say, this 3rd book of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changelings series is the best one yet.

I've never been one to post book reviews and I don't think I'd start now. ;) But Nalini Singh has really created a nice 'universe' with this series. The books are well-written, her command of the written language is impeccable, and she has an ability to draw you in and hold your attention captive. Well, at least she's done that to me, and I'm a finicky reader.

Give her a try if you're looking for something new to read... it's paranormal romance at it's finest with just the right balance of story, brains, and let's not kid ourselves here, sex. ;)


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