Spanish Rouge Update

Finally sat down and spent a chunk of time to work on this and the first band is done!!!

I ended up using 3 shades of purple instead of the original 2, and it's looking pretty good, if I may say so myself. ;)

I was sooooo tempted to cut this band off and just make a bookmark out of it, but EK and Novia convinced me that the finished product will be too pretty to pass up. So, for now, it will stay on the scroll. LOL!


HappyStitcher said…
How pretty is that? I agree with N & E, keep stitching. The finished piece will be so pretty. Now if only ironing went that fast.............(where's my giggle?)
sugardoll said…
Oh that is so pretty, but do you ever remember which part you have done and which aren't yet, since they all look the same color. I am not a sampler kind of girl and i have not very much experience if i ever had any at all.

Lovely WIP. keep it up my dear! Wondering what this one will look like when finished.
Joysze said…
Hehe, thanks you guys.

Noreen, the symbols for the 2 colors are different, so it's just like when we do more color cross-stitch. Follow the symbols and away we go. ^.^
Branlaadee said…
It's beautiful Joyce! I love the purples.

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