Spanish Rouge

I've picked up 'Inquisition' again. I can't quite decide if I'm into it or not... it's a pretty fast stitch, which is great on one hand, but then it gets boring so quickly because it's so repetitive.

Since the last update, I've frogged out both versions of the 2nd color, whilst yakking to EK. This is definitely something I'd recommend doing if you have to frog... the yakking to a friend, that is. It makes time flies and before you know it, all the wrongs are right again. ^.^

I couldn't quite make myself spend the money to get a new batch of silks, so decided to go the route of using trusty DMC, and you know what.... I can't tell the difference at all between the look of silk and cotton in this piece. What I did do is add a 3rd color. This was totally unplanned, however, I'm quite please with how the lighter purple is being showcased and have decided to add this color as the 'highlight' color for each section.


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