Spanish Rouge

Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove
Stitched 1 over 2 on 32ct Belfast linen
Floss: Vikki Clayton Silks Nose Gay 2111, DMC 209 and 3837

I've been having the hardest time gaining momentum on this piece. Can't really put my finger on what the problem is... maybe it's the color, maybe the subject matter bores me too quickly. It's shocking as this boredom is something very new to me. EGADS! To make things worse, there were times while I was working on it that I seriously considered not finishing it!!!! Horror of horrors!!! :O

Alas, the 'finisher' part of me rebelled at that idea everytime, so I will see this through by hook or by crook. I'm sure the "fun butts" at the Crafty Coven will have a field day with this. LOL!

With that said, I've rolled it up for now and started back on stitching Metamorphosis. Figured that I'll get back to this when I need a break from all the intensive color changes and the over 1 stitches....... maaaayyyyyybeeeeeeeee. ;)


Sexy Fairy said…
The thing that I "hate" about repetitive sampler is the "repetition" that bores me, although it's actually super quick to stitch/finish.

I prefer sampler with different motives on it, so that I don't easily get bored.. and of course NEW STARTS are good remedies to reduce boredom :-)

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