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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Calling all cross stitchers and art lovers.... Stab and Stash is having a sale on their cross stitch charts by wonderful artists such as Rachael Tallamy , Myka Jenson (her charts come with either DMC or Anchor floss listing), and Carol Vinson , just to name a few. So many beautiful charts to stock up on....

The Devil You Say?

If you re-arrange the letters in mother-in-law, you get woman hitler. The things that make you go hmm.....

Moon Cake Festival

Today is Moon Cake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. I don't know much about the stories behind it other than it has something to do with the full moon and some guy and his wife... ROFLMAO!!! Although, come to think of it, there is another story of how moon cakes were used to carry secret messages during a time of turmoil in China. For more detail about this, please visit the ever helpful Wiki . I'm such a wealth of information, aren't I? ;) What I remember most about it growing up is eating moon cake, yummmmm, and walking around with lit up lanterns with the other kids in the neighborhood. To this day, I remember festive lanterns being displayed and sold way before the festival, and inevitably every year, I'd pick a cellophane fish lantern... really, how could anyone resist a face like that? LOL! Since Moon Cake Festival fell on a weekend this year, we got together for dinner at Ailin and Ian's, and decided to make wonton soup and 'kon low mein' with shre

Regal Tiger - 1st Pic

Here we are again, in the land of WIPs. Let's see how long I can keep this up. ;) I started prep work on Tiger last night, and it's easy to forget that it's quite a lengthy procedure... - iron the fabric, scroll it up; - sort the floss; - get the Ottlite, adjust it just so; - settle down to stitch.... ooops, forgot the scissors and the highlighter *siiiiiigh*; - moves scroll out of the way, gets scissors... looks for highligher.... hmm... what color should I use? It IS a major decision after all *snort*; - decision made, GREEN it is; - sits back down, hmm.... I think I want a drink of water first. WHAT??? It's been a whole hour??? Where did the time go?!! LOL! It's a wonder I even got started. Regal Tiger Dimensions Gold Collection Cross stitch and half cross with multiple threads over 1 14ct tan aida

New Start! New Start!!

It's official!! EK and I are finally insane!!! All the crazy hours of work has finally caught up to us, took our marbles and tossed them out to sea! But far be it for me to complain since in those few seconds of insanity, we found our joy for stitching again!!! We've both been in such a horrible rut of late, and while we both felt bad about it, nothing seem to work in getting us going. Today, oh glorious day, we have decided on new starts, a double SAL of sorts.... Tiger and Dimensions: White Lightning for EK: Regal Tiger for me: Let the good times roll....

A Poem

There have been quite a bit of hoo-ha going on over the last month in the stitching world. A charting company, Heaven and Earth Designs* have been letting numerous stitches down for quite a while now with their charting and business practices. The way they have treated loyal customs are reminiscent of dictatorship. Lots of things to blog about and voice my thoughts over and these will all be forthcoming pretty soon.... Throughout history, poems always have a way of conveying feelings and thoughts in lots of ways, be it subtle or in-your-face. Today, I thought short, sweet, and direct would be perfect: Hate HAED?* Think it's trash? Then, do not wait... Visit  STAB and STASH !!

For Ailin

Here ya go. Waaaaay before 2009. ;) Before: After:

Dinner and Fun

What's this? A blog? More of a photo log really, of our first dinner at our new home served on our new dining table, with Ailin and Ian as our first official guest. ^.^ We had a wonderful South African wine that they brought back from their honeymoon along with an indian dinner I cooked up. Ailin brought chinese peanut dessert and made a delish date cake. YUMMMMMM!!!!