Dinner and Fun

What's this? A blog? More of a photo log really, of our first dinner at our new home served on our new dining table, with Ailin and Ian as our first official guest. ^.^ We had a wonderful South African wine that they brought back from their honeymoon along with an indian dinner I cooked up. Ailin brought chinese peanut dessert and made a delish date cake. YUMMMMMM!!!!


Sexy Fairy said…
LUV the food. I will bring cheese for dessert he he he
jcat0629 said…
Joyce, I haven't had a chance to respond to your last email, but your new home is looking so beautiful! I loved looking at all the piccies! Plus this dinner looks so scrumptious!! What a great little cook you are!!!
Wanda said…
I love your new home, the clean lines and simple elegance. Your dinner looks delicious! What are the side dishes and how did you fix the chicken?

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